Early to bed, early to rise, makes you healthy, wealthy and hot(lol). You see, we all have bad habits when it comes to our beauty and health regime, we all know what we should do, but it’s far easier to smoke that pack of cigarettes, drink that fourth appHEAle martini, go to bed with make up on and ditch your morning run than stick to a routine. You need to find a routine that suits you and isn’t too stringent, otherwise you are going to chuck the whole thing. Here are a few tips that could help you stay looking younger, more vibrant and feeling healthier.

  • Keep away from the chocolate trolley; keep fruits or nuts on your desk to help stave off those mid afternoon munchies.
  • You can get a wide range of nuts, seeds and dried fruits that can replace naughty crisp cravings and keep you fuller for longer.
  • Cereal bars are handy, easy to pop in your handbag and you can trick yourself into thinking you are eating a chocolate bar.
  • Eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, it’s not as difficult as you think. Juice tinned and dried fruit count towards it. When serving your plate put on an equal amount of veg and carbs(carbohydrates). You will still feel full but will also be eating
  • You don’t need seconds, even though most of us have been brought up to believe throwing food is a waste, so is eating things you don’t really need. Make smaller dinners or order from the lighter menu.
  • If you’re going out after work for drinks, have something to eat first. Once you’ve had a couple of drinks you will immediately want bar snacks that are laden with fat and calories and very little in the way of nutrition.
  • Try to drink at least one glass of water or non alcoholic drink for each alcoholic one. Most bars serve a nice range of juices or virgin cocktails. Remember women are only supposed to have between two and three units a day.
  • When it comes to that cheeky fag, the one you wouldn’t normally have but you are being sociable, try to imagine your top lip as it would look if you became a smoker, yes that’s it, (lol) wrinkled and old. Should put you off a bit!
  • Before getting into bed, make sure you clear & clean your face in clean running water, before the traditional cleansing and after the make up remover quick cleanse, they are actually meant to be alternatives, since they’re better than nothing. And then, you put on some moisturizer, find one that suits you,and keep one at home, one in your handbag and one in your desk drawer at your place of work and make sure it has an SPF(Sun Protection Factor) content. NB: Make sure your products contain moisturizer.ex
  • When your alarm rings for your yoga class/run or exercise do heed its call, you will feel much better for it and your mood will be lifted as well. Regular exercise really does make you feel a million bucks! (smiles) you know that feeling don’t you..
  • Find a form of exercise that you really enjoy, it’s much easier to stick to. Try new things, climbing, aerobic classes, horse riding, dancing… and the likes, Just “anything that you have fun doing” and keeps you in shape.

Remember an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so look after yourself in little ways now. If you fail a few

times, don’t stop altogether, once you get into healthy eating and exercise habits, it will become second nature.



2 thoughts on “HEALTHY SECRETS

  1. Thank you very much for commenting,

    A snack will be defined as any intake of food or energy-containing beverage outside of the usual meal times (breakfast, lunch and dinner). In the scientific literature snacks are also called Between Meal Eating Episodes (or BMEE). The products ingested in those extra eating occasions can be savoury like nuts, cheese, crisps, pretzels and breads, they can be sweet like cakes, yoghurts, fruit, biscuits, chocolate and confectionery, and can include beverages like fruit juices, squashes, carbonated soft drinks or milk.

    There is evidence that eating three meals and two or three snacks per day(nibbling) might be better for you than eating fewer, larger meals (gorging) as long as the total caloric intake remains the same. Compared to the gorging eating pattern, the nibbling eating pattern:

    Has been shown to produce a lower level of blood cholesterol
    Spreads the absorption of nutrients more evenly throughout the day
    Leads to a smoother insulin response which is beneficial for blood glucose control
    Does not lead to weight gain if calorie intake remains stable
    May help people control their calorie intake more effectively
    Helps active people and those with high energy requirements meet their calorie needs
    Helps those with a small appetite meet their calorie needs

    In many circumstances, having up to 3 snacks a day and ingesting a wide range of foods and drinks can have a positive, rather than a negative, impact on health. Snacking should not be systematically discouraged, as long as the foods ingested as snacks contribute to a healthy energy and nutrient intake.
    for further information, you can visit

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