Climbing Mountains

For we walk by faith, and not by Sight(2 Corinthians 5 : 7) The Christian life, can be compared with climbing a mountain, you don’t see where you’re heading to or where you’re headed. That’s why people who are not able to fully grasp and partake in the things of the Kingdom are usually those who want to See first, before they believe and act towards it. Because, the righteous live by faith(Romans 1:17).

The righteous live by faith

In a life of full dedication to God, where your will, hopes, dreams and emotions are in subjection to God’s, your Lord gives you orders, calls you out from the deep and sends you forth. .just like hearing a voice in the wilderness

Give up self-will for God’s will

“Sue, Sue, I want you to rise up and go to the land I will take you too”[that’s a typical example of what walking with God is like] You never have an idea of where you’re headed the only thing you know/notice are the little steps he takes you through because, if God showed us how high the mountain really is that He wants us to climb, we might be afraid to even take the first step. We might argue that we’re not ready, that we’re not prepared at all to go all the way to the top. So He covers the top of the summit with a cloud, and all we can see is the step before us. 😀 And the beauty of all this is that He doesn’t leave you to go through the steps all alone(this really baffles me I feel like I’m going to cry :’ ) We must all sacrifice self-will to have God’s will and sacrifice our way to find God’s way. Because no eye has seen, no ear has heard and no mind can even KNOW! what God has in store for us. It’s pretty easy, just get silent in your mind and spirit-being solemn before the father and confess thus: Dear Lord, I confess that I need you every hour, life can’t get more worse with you, I lay all my burdens down at your feet and I promise that I’ll walk with you daily so that I can recognise, listen, trust and obey your voice. Thank you father,for bringing me to this light and saving me from self In Jesus Name. AMEN.


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