Listening to Your Spirit

        When the Holy Spirit comes to live in you, He becomes one with your Spirit and functions through your Spirit. Therefore, by learning to listen to your Spirit, you’re actually listening to the Holy Spirit who lives within you.
        Man is a spirit. The body where he lives is a house but the real man can’t be seen with the optical eyes. The physical character of any man is, unmistakably, the attributes of his human spirit. This is why it’s important as Christians that we live our lives from inside out. By this, I mean that the circumstances of our lives ought to be regulated from our spirits and not what the world and its system throw at us. Life is more spiritual than physical, thus it’s important that you live your life from your Spirit.
        To live from your Spirit, you’ve got to learn to listen to your Spirit. And this is why you must train yourself with and in the Word of God; make a great deposit of the Word in your Spirit. As you learn the Word of God and fill your heart with it, your Spirit gradually becomes conditioned to recognise and follow the voice of the Holy Spirit, for the Holy Spirit will always guide you in accordance with God’s will and purpose for your life.
        So in training yourself to listen to your Spirit, you must first and foremost recognise and give priority to the written Word which has been given to us to live by. You’ve got to learn, understand and apply the written Word all the time. That way, your thoughts and mindset will be in sync with the author of the written Word, which is the Holy Spirit. As you do this, the Spirit of God will begin to guide you through your Spirit and direct you in all that you do, and it will become increasingly difficult for the senses or the flesh to dominate you.

Say: Dear Father, I thank you for your Word which richly dwells in my heart. I declare that it’s gaining the ascendancy in every area of my life causing me to conform Spirit, soul and  body to your will for my life. I live and walk by faith in your Word even as I’m led by your Spirit in the Name of Jesus. AMEN

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