Style Vs. Fashion


I think people are scared of the fashion world for one particular reason. They just don’t feel they fit in.

I have gathered from many friends and co-workers that they feel the fashion world is only meant for the elite. The privileged few who get a special invite to this club are those who are able to afford designer clothes such as Marc Jacobs or Dior, have a monthly subscription to Vogue, post hundreds of outfit pictures on their well-known fashion blogs, and obviously know all the upcoming trends from New York Fashion Week. We easily believe that if we aren’t a part of this elite group, then we can’t ever be stylish and participate in the world of fashion.

I’m here to tell you that this is a huge lie.

The thing is people tend to be believe that style and fashion are defined as the same exact thing when in reality, they are actually very different terms. Fashion is defined as “a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior.” However, style is defined as a “manner of doing something,” and “a distinctive appearance.”

Fashion is about following a popular trend, but style is about making yourself distinct. It’s about being unique, original, and especially comfortable in how you want to dress. Of course, following the latest trends from NYFW is addicting and fun to do, but I think there is also an art to being stylish based on your own standards.

For me, my standards are trying to define a style on a low-cost budget. Currently I’m a college student in Chicago obsessed with the art of fashion, but my budget can hinder the endless dreams I have about upgrading my wardrobe. So instead of pining over what I could be, I try to work with what I have and what I can afford. I’m all about expression, especially with style, and sometimes that style may not exactly match what the fashion world says. But it’s where I feel most comfortable.

And that’s how this blog came to be! Coffee & Chambray is the perfect way to describe my style. My hope in this blog is to express the way I do style and to also inspire others to not be afraid in expressing themselves with their own distinctive appearance.

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