Travelling light, Skin & Body

“I travel a lot and have learned a think or two about traveling light, especially when it comes to my skin and body products. Because I tend to only want to deal with carry-on luggage (who wants to pay extra if you don’t have to), I’ve learned how to pair and maximize my organic and natural beauty essentials. I always keep full-sizes of most of these products as well (where applicable) and simply refill their mini counterparts when they run low” says a beauty expert. All of these items fit nicely in my clear Ecozip Snack/Sandwich Size Bag($4.99 for a box of 30) so I can zip through security without any problems. With the holidays approaching and traveling on many people’s mind, here are my personal favorite organic and natural skin and body care products that keep me traveling light:

  • Kari Gran Starter Kit, $35 – My skin has never looked better and been so radiant and smooth since I started using Kari Gran.
  • Savannah Bee Honey Body Wash, $14 – Comes in a travel set of Wild Berry, Lemongrass Spearmint and Tupelo Honey for that price and I just choose one to take with me on the road. Cleans exceptionally well, suds nicely and leaves my skin soft.
  • Osmia Organics Body Oil, $20 or S.W. Basics Mini Body Oil, $12 – I bring either my Osmia Organics Body Oil in Forest this time of year or my S.W. Basics Mini Body Oil in Clove. Both leave my skin moisturized and soothe my senses.
  • Meow Meow Tweet Vegan Lip Balm, $5.95 – Keeping the lips hydrated is a must…especially right now in Cinnamon Mint! Plus, it comes in 4 other delicious scents.
  • Osmia Organics Deodorant Cream, $12 – Launched this year, this Deodorant Cream is a new favorite in my beauty bag. It goes on smooth without any irritation to my sensitive underarms and holds me up all day long. It comes in the perfect travel size or to throw in your purse or bag.
  • nyl Foaming Castile Hand Soap, $5 – A travel must with a lovely light citrus scent. Cleans well and doesn’t cause skin to dry out.
  • Tallulah Jane Perfume in Rayen, $35 – I love natural perfumes and never leave home without my Rayen.
  • Tallulah Jane Room Spray, $28 – Let’s keep it real. Nobody likes funk…well, at least I don’t. And sometime you just have to break out the air freshener. Comes in 3 amazing scents.

I also include a travel size bottle for my hair conditioner as well as a leave-in cream for my curls and a travel size toothpaste. I recently discovered Eco-Dent Daily Care Tooth Powders (2 oz bottle for $7.79) at the grocery store and have been using the one in Cinnamon…so far so good.


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