My Top 3 Cruelty free organic FACIAL PRODUCTS


These products are amazingly fresh with great scent, they’ll be your child’s best friends (hopefully because of the pack).bubble and bee organics

I’m listing it first because I love it too(like a child, you  can guess!) and they’re available WORLDWIDE!!1

So, if you don’t trust your Clearasils, Babyface you can try it out!!

Bebble and bee face cleansers
Bebble and bee face cleansers


Making it the second on my list, suki skincare which offers strong safe solutions for skin problem and sensitivities, which means it’s GREAT for your sensitive skin 🙂


It has been featured in big time magazines such as “DERMASCOPE”, “SKIN INC”,  with great testimonials


SK_web_Press_2015-04FOODSOLUTIONS SK_web_Press_2015-02SKINInC

They’ve also been enlisted for the beauty and body awards in the delicious living magazine as part of gorgeous brands that help achieve great skin

DeliciousLiving award


And of course, my “Juice Beauty!!!” 😉

Juice Beauty’s cleansers and toners are essential daily steps in a good skin care regimen to deeply cleanse without drying, and to leave skin feeling soft and smooth, and looking refreshed!!!

An Organic facial wash from juice beauty

Organic facial wash
Organic facial wash

They have their blemish clearing oil control series, and this is a cleanser;

blemish clearing cleanser(AMAZING) who could have thought you can have a blemish clearer without harsh chemicals!

Juice Beauty also has peels, exfoliators and face masks which are intensive formulations delivering an accelerated dose of antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients to visibly improve skin tone and texture.

Wow, they’re a BOMB! If you thought so too, try them out! 😉

This is a blemish clearing peel..

bc-green-apple-blemish-clearing-peel-web-photo_4  The list goes on and on.. but these are my picks


Love ya! ❤


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