“Worried”, what in the world happened to Jeanne

Hey Jeanne, Claire called out, “It’s not the way you think, you didn’t have to be so rude! Marty, he’s just a friend” she explained.
“Oh, yeah girl I know he’s just a friend. .but I don’t really care” Jeanne snapped walking away.model-813227_1280_wm[1]
“Hhm, I really wonder what’s making her put up attitude these days.” Claire thought, aloud.
“Hello girls,” Claire called out to some friends having some Chitchat, what’s going on, “WoW, you look really good” said Jasmine..your makeup’s really chic, she continued. “..why don’t you come give mama some cool hug” Alexandre called out, “Well, we’re talking about the latest happenings going on around us, the fashion week concluded plus the young “Misses”dinner/get-together coming up” Kim snapped, here are the pictures do you mind? She said putting some slice of cheese in her mouth.
(They’ve all been friends since they’ve ever known life, their mothers are in the same field working in synergy, Jasmine’s mom, a well Sought-after make up artiste and beautician, Claire’s mom a Dermatologist and well respected women leader, Jeanne’s mom, a lawyer and a fashion designer who owns prestigious fashion schools, Kim’s mom, a medical aesthetician and an award winning hair stylist with prestigious beauty schools and salons, Alexandre’s mom a Psychologist who is also the head of the national board of Psychologist and also is a top Cosmetology brand CEO and now they’ve made it to college together! I hear you say they’re BLESSED” you couldn’t be wrong, and they’ve always had similar interests just like they’re sisters from another mother, but today was rather strange and different, Jeanne who always stuck around adding life and cream to their union wasn’t there, she had walked away from Claire)
“I’m just bothered, Jeanne has been quite cold and aggressive these days” Claire said, “You see some days are like that” Kim chipped in, you know we always have our moments Kim continued.
But Claire still insisted, “you know Jeanne hardly ever gets down, she’s always smiling and radiant, she’s pulled us through moments when we almost gave up prior to our shows, and now, this her *moment* is taking too long!”
“And me, she’s always there with my shopping cart and she pulls my wardrobe together, she’s never tired! Man! She’s so skilled and Blessed!” Alexandre said
..you can say that again they all chorused and laughed
“Yeah right!” Kim said, I really miss her though
“And she’s always been there to “smack our asses” when we get all naughty and goofy” Jasmine said
They laughed.
But what do we do, they chorused.
Ok now, I’ll go make some cookies and her favourite pretzels, while you guys go fetch her at her house I’ll join in..Jasmine suggested we need to bring some fun into this, let’s have our *Jeanniiieeee** time 😉
Oh~yeah!! Everyone cheered feeling Great
It was a big surprise at her place, she wasn’t expecting anyone and it was twilight, this was the time of the day the girls always had their solitary moments to reflect, so they were the least people she could have ever expected.
They came in, exchanged warm hugs and pecks in their tradition to do, helped Jeanne around the house, then sat in a circle in the living room, they told Jeanne why they had come and how she’s been strange and missed, they brought out all they had to offer along with Jasmine’s snack
Jeanie was really relieved and felt loved and she started; “it’s been a rough month for me, I guess life isn’t so smooth after all, it’s been tough” “A-ha! There you go again!” Kim cut in, “your confessions matter”, “ok I apologise” Jeanie giggled, “sometimes you can’t help but say things you don’t want to say, ‘Life has been challenging’,” she emphasised, “you all seem to have it going good, I can’t help but imagine what the future holds for me, I mean Y’all have male friends, but I can’t because they hate me, and I don’t care tho..(they laughed. .’did you just say you don’t care??’)
Well, that’s not important Jeanie covered up, but I’ve had a bad history with guys, they always want something


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