The common “Ebola” in Dating for She

Firstly, I apologise for going on a really long break from publishing posts, I have been around, I’ve always seen the love and care you’ve been showering on my blog, I know you all missed me, I did too, I’ll be talking on something very interesting which is: “the common Ebola in Dating for she”


Could there be an Ebola in Dating
Could there be an Ebola in Dating

We all know that Ebola is a deadly disease and it spreads like wildfire, but what I’m going to be talking about today, is deadlier and not as contagious if you’re wise, In other words Wisdom is it‘s cure! 

Do not try to let go of your own standards so you can fit with a particular person, If he is truly “the one” he will level up to meet with your standards

Growing up in a society that is all materialistic, with deformed norms and culture, you need to be focused and determined to save yourself the qualms and shortfalls of the societal dating checklist.

A look at this Scenario:

You went hanging out with some friends, probably “ladies time out” and suddenly! glancing around, you found

with the hottie
with the hottie

a hottie staring at you and after a short while, you got locked up in a gaze, feeling butterflies in your tummy now, you no longer feel your friends presence could that be “love at first sight” (haha..I doubt) and after the night, you dropped your number with that hottie and after series of playing hard to get and dates, you took notice of how he drove in a Ferrari or a Lambourgini (of course! who wouldn’t), how he wore a straight cut suit and he looked sleek (the man of your dreams, I heard you) lols with strict work etiquette and you don’t know if he’s hot yet because you’re Chaste and don’t want to see without clothes on, of course.

So, What’s all this “Ebola” about? 

Getting to the root of the matter, although this appearance isn’t bad in itself, is that really all that matters?

Did I mention his manners? How he always made sure to drop roses at your doorstep in the mornings(how romantic 🙂 , he always came down to open the door for you and always saving his “damsel in distress”. What else could a Lady need for Heavens Sake!

Even when he inspires you and spurs you mentally and intellectually? Is that still all that matters? Could we be missing out on something even vital

In life, because we are spirit beings, the spiritual state of a person is always more important than the outward appearance, Jesus said “know no man by the flesh” and that’s why the bible says Guard your heart-your Spirit with all DILIGENCE for out of it are the issues of life,” because the essence of you is in your spirit, you should also be very careful who you let to influence your Spirit, “Guard it” the way you respond to life’s situations comes from your Spirit, of course because ” the Spiritual controls the Physical”

If he has a negative mind – his Spirit is not sound

If he has a problem relating well to others – his Spirit is not sound

If he has a problem with the “feminine gender” – his Spirit is not Sound

Someone who is Sound Spiritually should not see you as a competition or try to harm you, to bring you down so that he can come up, he will always put God first and also Strengthen you in your Christian race.

Yes, you met him “well to do”, what happens after you both tie the knot, will the wealth be sustained? Will it appreciate or depreciate? If his Spirit cannot sustain the wealth, it will “crashland” because the way of the Righteous shines brighter and brighter not dimmer and dimmer, let’s even forget the wealth, as a Spirit being, he needs to sustain you too and not drain you out, if you’re in a dating relationship already, find out if this person is growing spiritually and “bearing forth fruit” or if he is stagnant just bearing the name “Christian” like he’s a Billboard.

This dating Ebola of not checking the spiritual state of the man you want to share your future with can be contagious when you hang around people doing it, that’s why you need to be determined and focused on what you want.

And the Dangers of a “Bad Union” cannot be overemphasized, It’s devastating, that’s a topic for another day but one thing to note is; The person you choose to share the rest of your life with can alter your destiny here on earth and even in eternity which makes it deadlier than Ebola, but is prevented by using Wisdom

Career Ladies and Ladies with Ambition

Your “Happily Ever After” isn’t far away

For Ladies with an Ambition, you can easily forget the Spiritual aspect especially if you’re not working in the Christian Ministry, you’re always looking forward to what he can bring on the table.

And as a note to all Ladies, do not try to put your standards down so you can fit with a particular person, NO! Trust God, your spouse is already out there, instead he will be the one to upgrade himself so he can have a Queen by his side, don’t drop your standards but instead raise the dyke so that the best can fall in.

And don’t forget “He might not look like the real deal”, he might be a very reserved person, of course, you don’t judge the contents of a book by its cover, and even gold looks awry in its crude form. Be Patient.

Your Happily ever after isn’t far away, God’s got it all planned I see you and your “Prince Charming”

Let me remind you that you are:


A very Rare Gem,

A Queen,





You Name it…

One thing I know for sure is, “God’s got you” and you’re not slipping off his hands.

Please share your thoughts below and let me know what you have to say,

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      You just made my day, thank you so much love! I hope you spread and shared the love, I LOVE YOU #kisses


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