The Bishop’s call to Ladies in our time

Are you a Female?

Or a Lady?

In my own words, the Lady has her strength in her femininity, her “dainty demeanor” not necessarily vulnerable, but her special and distinctive caring instincts” are worth celebrating, going back to the pre-colonial era in Africa where ladies were maltreated and seen as reproductive machines, ladies have rarely ever walked in the higher level of their femininity since this age, the ones who History recognized never really got to the height. I know her disappearance was an act of defiance and perhaps frustration, we’ve seen what oppression can do. but there’s a Grace to be a Lady and the Strength to endure. I don’t have to mention where Caitlyn Jenner belongs, you know (haha)

But you know, we need to respond to this “ladyship” thing whether consciously or unconsciouly, humans are always striving to perfection, to live out their purpose and function on earth.

I’m responding to this call,

Will you?

Call to ladies
Call to ladies

The Bishop’s call to Ladies in our time

The lady is not an endangered species, because We’re rising up!!! Just like the dry bones that became flesh in the valley of the Dry bones..Glory! haha

Like the gentleman, her masculine counterpart, she is not getting extinct. There is more to being a gentleman than being a male. Likewise, there is more to being a lady than being a female.

A real lady is unique and valuable.

Don’t be too cautious to DO YOU Live out your femininity and the world will adjust could it be in the way you connect to your feminine self, the way you groom, the way connect and feel yourself, Moderation, is not synonymous to NEGLECT

The breeding required to produce her has been deemed outmoded and irrelevant. She has been replaced by a more modern, less caring, poorly crafted, carelessly calibrated, and a crassly competitive caricature. A lady is a sensitive, temperate, competent woman who has ambitions yet possesses class and finesse. She is a woman with a dream. She is the pristine prima donna of days gone by. She is sadly missed.

[Read more:Excellence in being a lady]

I know when we start talking about elegance and using terms like pristine, you associate it with male dominance and the historical oppression of women. Admittedly, women were not always treated justly. Men often took unfair advantage of their dainty demeanor and chaste disposition. However,  it is the action of the man that needs mending,not the woman. We must be like the florist who strips the rose of its thorns but leaves its petals. Is there no way to clip the prickly part of life and maintain the fragrant?

consciously or unconsciouly, humans are always striving to perfection, to live out their purpose and function on earth, feminines inclusive!

When we search for the woman of excellence, there is one thing we must consider: the possibility that she has drowned in the rebellion that  is so characteristic of an abused, neglected, unappreciated species. The glory days of yesteryear were filled with gender bias and injustice. Unfortunately the good ole boys’ club is still up and running.
Woman has suffered immeasurable abuse and mistreatment, and in response, she has had to become a fighter, hardened to the world that has done her wrong.
Yet beneath the mask or hard exterior, there is a soft centre that she hides from public view. She is afraid for it to be seen. The last time she showed it to someone, she was hurt, and so she thrives and progresses by smothering her femininity and buying her compassion.

The call to LADIES!mode-678832_1280[1]
Do you feel the need??
Do you sense something lacking???

What do we do? This call ain’t for nothing. Are you just a female or a Lady? Answer the question

Please Share and Tag a friend and let’s do this together, this is part of my motivation, this piece from Bishop T.D. JAKES in his book “The Lady, Her Lover, and Her Lord”.

Share your thoughts and also if you want more insights on the book,make it clear.

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