Splador = you whole, you perfect, you beautiful. . .

“For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.”

You are guaranteed to live a life radiating immortal Glory & Splendour because you came across this blog, posts on Christian life realities, health and beauty, Fashion and style, and also femininity, are available here which means that, you’re going to:

  • realize who you really are and how you should be living like as a Christian and as you keep reading, the image will be reflected on you 😀 (Quite Amazing!) in the realities category,
  • be more health conscious(green conscious, earth conscious, don’t know what it means? come in & find out!) even as you pursue beauty and whole health 🙂 in the health & beauty category,
  • accentuate your personal style & stoke your fashion sense under the Fashion and style category..yeah did I forget to mention..*guys inclusive* yaayy! (dancing)
  • be talking girly matters under the “I’m feminine” ..yeah they’re all over the web, this being a unique one, is enthralling and practical as you can also relate to and suggest topics you’ll like to read on.

All categories to nourish you making you whole, perfect & beautiful..

Make sure you start to read posts and get involved. It’s a “two-way” thing.



14 thoughts on “About

      1. You’re very welcome, Tira 🙂 I’m more glad to have found bloggers that interests me and for me to read more. 😀


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